The Cinnamon Bear was a children's Christmas story that was first broadcast in 1937 and which has been broadcast somewhere in the US every year since. It was a great favorite of myself and boyhood friend Karl Edward Wagner (who grew up to be quite a well-known writer of fantasy himself). My friend and international quilting champion Barbar Webster, proprietor of, saw some black and white sketches I'd done, inspired by memories of the show, and asked if I'd be willing to do a full-color panel for her to base a children's quilt upon. Natually, I was honored and quick to comply. I also did some addtional drawings and a repeating crazy quilt pattern (below) I thought might be of use, but Barbara did not require them, instead deriving rich and intricate patterns from my painting which forms the central panel of her rich and dazzling quilt. Though she derived her patterns from my work, the resulting masterpiece is all Barbara's.

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  Seamless Tile
 Border Bears