Deranged Killer

As seen by Mark Maxwell, adept at all sorts of art but best known for his Celestials, Space Art and precise renderings of aeronautical vessels, including illustrations for sci-fi and work for NASA, Lunacorps, Radio Shack and others. One of his paintings was chosen to be displayed in the Space Station Mir. No web site.

First Officer

As Captain Morrow, a 3D cyberpuppet - though we cyberpuppets prefer the term humanoid simulacrum - in the hit Cyberflix game Titanic. I was given 2 weeks to grow the beard. I grew as fast as I could, but they sitll had to paint my face brown.

Dr. Frankenstein

My friend Debbie Hughes, renowned for fantasy and sci-fi covers, illos and commissioned paintings, catches me in a reflective moment as I contemplate the rewards of life as a professional artist. Debbie Hughes.

More to Come


More to Come